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Decorating for Christmas this year was so fun! I wanted to do something a little non-traditional (no red this year!) and use things I already had that included mercury glass and nature-inspired elements. I like what I did because it was simple and easy while still festive – just how this December has been. I have avoided (almost all) stress that I normally put on myself and I’m so happy!

I saw this vignette from Miss Mustard Seed and just had to share. The chalkboard sign, the fresh greenery, pinecones and pretty mercury glass. I love it all! It is so fresh and pretty and makes you feel Christmas and winter. I like when decor makes you feel something – kind of like art, right?

I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas decorations as well! There are so many to look at online, almost too many to get through!

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Today, I’m currently coveting a break from Mother Nature.

She has wreaked some serious havoc on the world and right now, I’m over it! Earthquakes, fires, floods and now tornadoes that kill hundreds…I am literally over. it. Yesterday I sat for at least thirty minutes, just thinking about a family here in Oklahoma who lost two of their four children in Tuesday’s tornadoes. The husband was out of town and the pregnant mother did everything she knew to do to protect her children.

It makes my heart so, so sad especially because I know this isn’t the only story about families torn apart and lives lost. God somehow has a plan in all of this but for now, I don’t get it and I’m over Mother Nature and her destruction.

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So way back when, I posted about Michelle’s fall mantel. I loved it and couldn’t wait to work on mine!

I started looking around the house for items, as well as the Dollar Tree and Pottery Barn (I had a gift card). This was my first attempt. It was fine and I liked what I had pictured in my head, but it was just kind of blah. (sorry for the photo quality…used my iPhone at night – not the best way to get a good picture) I knew I needed to spruce it up a little.

This was the candle holder I had originally. I think I got three for $2 each at Target way back when. I used these all over the old house and they were just sitting in my closet in the hallway where I keep my not-in-use decorating items.

I purchased some natural jute from Hobby Lobby and got out my trusty glue gun to tackle the mission: make the clear candle holder more warm and fall-ish.

In case I want to use these without the jute, I started with just a small dab of hot glue in the bottom corner of the holder. (again, sorry about the photo…its the common theme in this post with bad, night, iPhone photos) I wrapped it around and around until the whole thing was covered. It took about two minutes per candle holder – simple, easy and cheap! My three favorite things in a home project. It was exactly what I wanted.

This is my fall mantel now! I know, where’s the rest of the picture? You’ll just have to tune in tomorrow for the fireplace before and after. 🙂 The pumpkins were purchased from Dollar Tree for $1 each. I wanted something a little different so I spray painted two of them with silver paint. I loved the contrast it provided against the orange and yellow garland (free with a Pottery Barn gift card!). I’m still trying to decide if I need to spray paint the other two pumpkins. I think it might make the pumpkins stick out more. I love the warmth that the jute-wrapped candle holders provide. It was totally what I wanted!

Since I had more jute and was feeling crazy that night, I took a vase I purchased from Pier One back at our old house and started wrapping it. I needed something to go in the lower corner of our fireplace bookshelves and am currently over my red phase. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something large though and didn’t want to store this in a closet so it was a great use of both items. This one was a lot trickier than the clear candle holders because of the massive curve in the vase. It required much more glue and much more jute.

I love the way it turned out though! The bottom and top are absolutely perfect and the middle has some movement and contrast because of the curve of the vase. (That’s what I going with people. In reality, I sit there and obsess over the fact that it doesn’t look as perfect at the top and bottom so I’m sticking with I really meant for it to look like that…) It works so great in the spot on the bookcase and the color/natural feel is perfect for our living room!

Tomorrow I will show you the complete fireplace before and after!

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