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Some friends of ours purchased a new home this year and they needed help finding some new furniture. First on the list was something for their kitchen that would hold their china and other nice dishes.

I found this buffet with hutch on Craigslist for $175. I sent the link to Becky & Kyle and two days later, it was in their garage, ready for a little paint and glaze action.

It was a great piece and in really good condition. All of the wood in their house is a gorgeous dark color so I know they were excited for something a little different but they were aprehensive about how it would turn out. I knew though, I knew! 🙂

Here it is in all of its glory – gorgeous! Both the hutch and the buffet were given several coats of paint, using Kyle’s paint sprayer, and then glazed with a black glaze using the technique of brushing on with a foam brush and wiping off with an old rag. It was fun showing them how it didn’t have to be perfect, it just had to be what you like.

Some spots don’t have a ton of glaze and some have a lot but it turned out exactly how I thought it would and probably even a little better than they expected! The hardware that is shown is all original to the piece. Kyle spray painted it all with several coats of Oil Rubbed Bronze and I love the contrast it gives to the buffet! It is amazing what looks ugly and what looks beautiful with some help from great spray paint.

Here is a look at the buffet part again. She was in good condition, just needed a little something-something to gussy her up!

And here is the after again. I am so pleased with it and so happy Becky & Kyle were willing to take the risk and go with my idea! It was fun to work with them and see them enjoy the before and after process as much as I do.

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Besides our kitchen, the fireplace in the living room is definitely the biggest transformation we’ve done on the inside of our new house. I am so in love with how it looks now!

This is what we started with. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t us. It also drove me NUTS that the baseboards were two different wood colors. They were kidding, right? I also can’t believe I never noticed that until about two weeks into us living there. We knew right away that we wanted our TV to mount above the fireplace, we just had to figure out how to do it so we weren’t sitting on the couch, looking up to the ceiling and hurting our necks. (You know you’ve been in a house where you have to do that! Not the best feeling in your neck when you leave…) We also knew that the brass fireplace was going to have leave and the wood was going to go white as soon as we got a free moment to work on it!

Here is how it looks now!! Conner was actually the one who suggested we paint the brick white. I think I fell out of my chair with shock when he said it. My heart almost burst with love – my husband was giving design ideas that were really good! I knew I married him for a reason! 🙂 For a complete run-down of what we did to get this wall to look like this, visit the old post here: Fireplace Preview. For complete details on how we did this, visit Mantel Transformation Details.

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When I moved into our first house back in 2006, I needed furniture and needed it badly. I think that’s when I started loving the process of finding second-hand furniture and making it my own. The TV stand, bar and buffet all were pieces that I updated with some paint and new knobs. The feeling of transforming something was so addicting and I was ready to do it to everything in my sight! Enter my husband who said, “Slow your roll, sister. Not everything needs to be painted, glazed, distressed or sanded.” So I stopped. But then we moved…and here we go again!!

This buffet was purchased at a Salvation Army in Tulsa a couple months before the first home was purchased. It was a weird brown wood tone (the inside of the door, I believe, was close to it) and had the most heinous hardware known to man. Conner and I had been dating for several years at this point but his parents hadn’t ever seen me do anything crafty so when we pulled up to their house with this purchase, they thought I was completely out of my mind. Luckily, they soon saw my plan – a distressed black paint and some new, pretty hardware! It was a quick and simple (and cheap!) update that made it perfect for our first house.

When we moved into our new house, I knew this piece would be perfect for our entryway. We have a pretty large area but the black was just blah and made the entryway feel cramped and crowded. I was going for welcoming, open and airy so the piece needed an instant update. I took off the hardware and gave it several coats of primer to begin the transformation.

Here she is now!! (sorry I don’t have a next-step picture. I’m working on getting better at this) After the primer dried, I painted two coats of “Teal Zeal” by Behr on the buffet. After I let this dry overnight, I took some glaze and painted it on. I used the Ralph Lauren glaze you can buy at Home Depot and had them tint it with black.

The process was pretty simple. I painted on the glaze with a sponge brush and then used one of Conner’s old undershirts to wipe off what I didn’t want shown. I started with the top since I knew most would be covered by my ‘stuff.’ I’m glad I did because I ended up having to go back over the top with a light coat of the teal to cover up the glaze that I didn’t wipe off quickly enough. It ended up looking dirty but a light coat of teal made it all better again!

Here is a close-up of one of the doors. The hardware was what I had on it before and I still like it so this project was very cheap and extremely quick. I wouldn’t say it was too easy, just a process of trial and error. The end result would be different for each person, depending on how much ‘distress’ you want shown. The cracks and crevices were the easiest because I knew I wanted the most black in those areas. The front of the doors and the sides of the piece were the hardest since I wanted some distressing, but mostly teal, to show.

Here is another view, with the front door on the right. The silver lamp was actually from one of the houses Conner rented in college. The owner left it there and the boys he lived with didn’t want it. I took the brassy piece of ugliness and spray painted it silver! I bought a new white shade and a prettier lamp was born.

The “Steen” sign was a wedding present from one of my pledge sisters and the boot picture was a free online OSU purchase with a coupon I received. I purchased the orange tray and candles from Pottery Barn with a gift card I had last year. The candles have some pretty cool texture on them and are perfect for the fall! I purchased the fall filler in the tray from Target and the clear glass vase and the mirror are both half price specials from Hobby Lobby.

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