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A Dyson love story

Today, this arrived on our front porch…

And after one time of using it, in only one room, I am 100% in L.O.V.E. !! Seriously. After using the Dyson Animal Ball in just our living room, I was convinced this pricey piece of cleaning equipment was here to save my life. It sucked up just as much stuff in one room that I normally get from the whole house! SICK.

I love how light it is (my parents have the regular animal and my mom complains about how heavy it is) but still has the serious power of the regular animal. It even got me motivated enough to finish taking down all of our Christmas decorations and start preparing our house for a new year.

Please don’t be like us and waste any more money on the cheap vacuum cleaners. Do yourself a favor and head to Bed, Bath & Beyond to purchase one of these with your 20% off coupon! You will love it just like we do.

P.S. No, I was not compensated by Dyson or Bed, Bath & Beyond to talk about this product. They can if they want to (any takers?!) but I just love our new vacuum and love that we saved $95 by using the coupon at BB&B!

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Guess what I got…

…and what I have NO CLUE how to use?!

That’s right! Mama got herself a brand new toy. I went with the mid-range, mid-level Nikon D3100. I’m not trying to be a professional, I just want really nice photos! I researched this a ton and it was very similar to the Nikon D5100, only the package price on this one (with coupons and discounts I had) was $700 less than the 5100. Um, yes please. I got an extra lens, a carrying case, a memory card and 2 year warranty for a heck of a price.

Now…I just need to figure out how this thing works! If you have any helpful tips or guides, please share with your friend Laura. I’m ready to play with this bad boy! I’m abusing Google, YouTube and Pinterest for how-tos and directions since the Nikon manual only shows me the basics…like turning it on. 🙂

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