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Well, I’m not coveting Greece anymore. With the economy the way it is and the constant riots, uproars and general issues the country is facing, the trip to Greece has been cancelled. So today? I’m coveting Maui, baby!

Specifically, I’m coveting the Four Seasons Resort in Maui!! I am so excited for this trip. I was disappointed to not see the beauty of a country like Greece but I’ve never been to Hawaii and this trip will be way more relaxing. Since we are staying at a five-star resort, this will also be a trip I wouldn’t have taken on my own.

I can’t wait to get a massage at a place like this…

And see a waterfall like this…

And relax all day in a pool like this (pretend that’s me leaning against the column! No? Okay…). This is going to be an awesome trip to get away and relax, relax, relax. My new camera will be perfect for taking pictures of the beautiful island and hopefully produce a really cool coffee table book when we get back. May can’t come quickly enough!

(All images from the Four Seasons website)

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Guess what I got…

…and what I have NO CLUE how to use?!

That’s right! Mama got herself a brand new toy. I went with the mid-range, mid-level Nikon D3100. I’m not trying to be a professional, I just want really nice photos! I researched this a ton and it was very similar to the Nikon D5100, only the package price on this one (with coupons and discounts I had) was $700 less than the 5100. Um, yes please. I got an extra lens, a carrying case, a memory card and 2 year warranty for a heck of a price.

Now…I just need to figure out how this thing works! If you have any helpful tips or guides, please share with your friend Laura. I’m ready to play with this bad boy! I’m abusing Google, YouTube and Pinterest for how-tos and directions since the Nikon manual only shows me the basics…like turning it on. 🙂

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