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I am so excited because I got the patio furniture I wanted for our anniversary!!

It was so nice to sit out here after work last week and relax, relax, relax! I know that we will enjoy this furniture for years to come.

I’ve been slowly accessorizing, mostly using items we had around the house. This basket was part of a wedding gift and I’ve held on to it, never knowing exactly what to use it for. It is perfect as a table-topper/large coaster!

I got the little metal buckets in the dollar aisle at Target and filled them with sand I already had, large shells I’ve had for several years and little votive candles. I wanted something beachy and quirky. It will be the perfect little accent of light for nighttime gatherings of friends!

Here is another shot of our furniture. We’re still on the hunt for a rug. Nothing we’ve found so far is quite right with the color of the cushions. They are more minty green then blue so we’re trying to find something to offset that. The brown striped pillows came with the set. I have plans to cover them soon in a grey outdoor fabric.

The lantern came from Target and I’m in love with it! Conner’s mom gave me several of the black lanterns for Christmas and those are sitting on our front porch. I wanted a lantern for the back but wanted something a little different. Target has these right now in several sizes and it was love at first size with this one!

The outside is a distressed wicker and the inside has black wire surrounding the glass candleholder. I wasn’t sure if I should have gotten the smaller one or the even bigger one, but I think this size is perfect!

I know we will enjoy this set for a very long time. The dogs are enjoying it too – they love having a place to stretch out when they’re tired of chasing squirrels! The tables have great under storage and I know will come in handy for holding all of our extra entertaining items when friends and family come to visit.

I can’t forget patio number 2! (photo altered in Instagram on my iPhone – I love this free app!) My parents got us the orange Adirondack chairs for our anniversary! I love them and they provide the perfect look for the back of the yard. It will be so nice to have large and comfortable chairs to sit in while enjoying the fire pit. I need to get some side tables and maybe two more pillows but I love how it looks so far! Thanks mom and dad!

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I’m so excited! The gift fairy is coming early to me this month and bringing me patio furniture!

This set from Home Depot is on sale for $299 plus free shipping! For $312 (with tax) this 5 piece set will be at our house next week, ready to set up shop on our lower/living room patio. I can’t wait!

This is a view from our upper, round patio looking back towards the house and the lower/living room patio on closing day last year. I say lower and upper because there are a whopping four stairs leading up to the one I’m standing on in the picture but it helps me clarify which one is which! The living room patio is where the couch set will rest and wait for us each day after work.

I love an outdoor rug to pull a furniture set together and it will be perfect on this patio! Outdoor furniture really is like inside furniture and the same rules apply. If we had hard floors inside, we would have a rug underneath our living room furniture. Same goes for outside. The concrete is hard so I want a soft rug. Makes sense, right? Right! Conner’s convinced this is just another scheme to get us to spend money but he does like the look of them so I’ve hooked him in to my world of creating an outdoor living space. 🙂

I like the one shown above from Home Depot. It has a cool graphic pattern and comes in several colors. We are waiting to purchase a rug until the furniture arrives so I can see the colors of the cushions and coordinate accordingly but this is a definite contender.

This Martha Stewart Chrysanthemum rug has been one of my favorites since last year. It also comes in green and is gorgeous but I have a feeling that will be way too much with the cushion colors on the couch. Next weekend we will make the decision and I’ll be sure to update with pictures!

The upper/circle patio is next on my list for furniture. This is taken from the patio in front of the living room looking towards the back of the yard on closing day. Yes, that is Conner slapping a mosquito away while surveying our new digs. A sign of things to come that we quickly got under control thanks to bleach and mosquito dunks down our french drains!

I really want a big semi-circle couch to put on that patio but those puppies are PRICEY! Enter the Adirondack chair. Classic and comfy, you can’t go wrong. Oh, what’s that you say? Ace Hardware makes them in orange?! Well, step right up and take a seat! I would love to have six of these placed in a semi-circle around the fire pit we purchased last year. With accents of gray and pink in outdoor pillows on each, this would be the complete outfitting for the most exposed patio!

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Well, the countdown is on! We have four more nights in Stillwater, three more days of commuting to OKC and then we are closing on our new house! We are in our 5th week of commuting and it has gone so fast! What would we do without amazing parents who take care of us for this long and let us invade their space?

The picture above is a sneak peak at our backyard. Amazing, right? (Sorry its so small – I forgot to save the pictures they used to have online and this was all I could find right now.) The owners did a fabulous job keeping up with the landscaping and making it an oasis in our own backyard. We can’t wait and I know the dogs are pumped too! So much to explore and investigate…they have no idea what’s about to happen for them!

I’ll be sure to keep the blog updated with before/after pics as we get settled and moved in. Conner and I are very ready to get our hands on the house and start making our mark on our new home!

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