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When I am out and about, if I see a dress with one of these two things I will most certainly take that dress home with me! It is a simple no-brainer.

  1. Orange. Can I get a GO POKES?! Not everyone likes orange. Not everyone will wear orange. This Poke-lovin’ gal loves orange and is so happy it has been ‘in style’ for over a year now. I finally have more than just OSU t-shirts that are orange and this makes me so happy!!
  2. Pockets. I can’t believe three years ago, someone FINALLY came up with the idea of putting pockets on dresses. Earth to Fashion Week! Finally men can stop holding the woman’s lip gloss, id, etc. They are functional, cute and simply awesome.

When my mom told me about one of the choices for Today Throws a Wedding, I was ecstatic and so sad! First, I was ecstatic because the dress has pockets! Second, I was sad because I was told my wedding dress couldn’t have pockets. BOOOOO. If only…

Oh well. Apparently the world isn’t ready for pockets on wedding days because this isn’t the dress that was chosen. I think I need to get it for our wedding vow renewals…in 9 years…

Dress: Anne Barge La Fleur LF 161

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Orange You Happy?!!

I have found a new toy – http://www.polyvore.com/!! It is so fun. You make an inspiration board for whatever you want. You can do this for an outfit, a wedding, a party or even your house! They have a ton of categories to choose from and many web sites to look up your items. It is amazing and addicting!!

As most of you know, I love all things orange (GO POKES!!) and J. Crew. I decided to do my first Polyvore board in honor of these two things – all orange items you can find at J. Crew!!

Orange You Happy?!!
Orange You Happy?!! – by laurasteen on Polyvore.com

Tonight OSU plays OU in the Big XII Tournament here in OKC. It is snowing outside (blah) and I do not feel good at all (double blah). Hopefully the Pokes pull a win out tonight and help make everything better! Two years ago when both the men’s and women’s tournaments were here, it was 75 and sunny everyday. It was so fun to go hang out on the closed streets even if you didn’t have tickets. I don’t think too many people are partying outside right now! The dogs and I are staying warm inside – hope you are too!!

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