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I finally finished my OSU tree skirt! Better late than never, right? It was several hours of folding, gluing and repeating so it took me some time to actually finish my DIY tree skirt. I found inspiration on Pinterest (where else?!) and followed Ashley’s directions to make my own version.

Here’s a little looksy at what I did! I had a serious case of not being able to focus on anything because I have been too busy enjoying just living this month and I have loved every second of it! Sunday night I finally sat down (well, I didn’t have a choice, I injured my ankle and couldn’t walk) and finished the easiest tree skirt, ever.

First, you cut a ton of strips of fabric. I used burlap in orange and black (the Oklahoma State colors). It was only $3.99/yard at Hobby Lobby and I got 2 yards of each. I ended up having too much for the tree skirt I used, so you might be able to use 1-1.5 yards. I don’t like following the rules of most tutorials, the rules this time being cut 2-3″ strips, so I just cut at random. I know, getting crazy over here!

The tree skirt I used as the base is from a local thrift store and was $3 – not too shabby! You use a ton of glue guns (in my case, I had to buy another glue gun because mine died) and just start gluing. I would put a little glue down, fold the fabric and press. You will get some burned fingers but you learn to tough it out – well, I did at least. I didn’t want to bother with pins so I sucked it up and continued on!

Here’s what it looked like for almost 2 weeks. That’s right, I did exactly two folds and called it quits for a while. I told you – serious distractions this month and no desire to sit still! So, we stepped around it until I realized I had the girls from book club coming over so I had to step up my game and get it finished!

Once I got on a roll, it wasn’t that bad. I would glue, fold, press and then repeated this process about a million and twelve times. (Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…maybe) Not being able to walk around and do anything this weekend was a definite help and reason to sit still for so long! As I got closer to the center, it got easier and faster since there wasn’t as much gluing and folding.

Total, this project probably took about 2.5 hours. It cost $20 but since I didn’t use all of the fabric (kept the leftover strips for other projects!) we’ll call it $12. Not too bad for a new tree skirt that is 100% customized and personal to our second living room! I love the way it turned out – so fun and festive for this area. Next year, I want to wrap up some empty boxes and put them under the tree so you can’t see the stand. In orange and black, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Merry Christmas – Go Pokes!

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Yesterday was a pretty bad day. It had very little to do with seeing OSU’s chance of playing in the National Championship go out the window after losing to Iowa State last night. It had everything to do with getting the news in the morning that once again, we lost members of our orange family to a plane crash. (For the story, please click HERE)

I saw this on Pinterest today and it perfectly explains my love of everything orange. (As does this amazing article HERE) Heaven’s orange got a lot brighter Thursday night. Coach Budke, one of the people on the plane, had an amazing orange blazer he wore. It confirms to me that I need to get the orange velvet blazer from J. Crew and help keep his tradition going!

I hope you feel the same way about your school that I feel about mine – I love my alma mater and am so proud to be a member of this very large, extended family. The way everyone has pulled together is incredible and inspiring during this very sad time. Please hug your families and say a prayer for the families of the four people who died yesterday!

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Adorable Dresses

So right now, I have a TON of friends who are pregnant, have just had babies, are trying to get pregnant or have babies turning into real, small, people. It is freaking crazy! The only reason (sorry future Grandmas…) I want to have a baby right now? These…

Shut up. How adorable and OSU-fantastic is this dress? I saw it in the J. Crew store today and fell in love!

This little number is completely over the top and ridiculous for a little girl but completely and absolutely perfect! Love the collar, love the cut and love the color. Conner and our moms are in trouble when we have kids. When I’m not around, not only will a timed schedule be left and have to be followed but a wardrobe list will have to be followed as well. HAH!

I really don’t understand how any mom can stay at home and still afford to outfit their children. I would go totally and completely broke! OOH! Or, maybe I’ll spend all food money on baby clothes so I’ll get super skinny and have no problem losing baby weight. Maybe I’m on to something here…

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Today, I’m currently coveting the start of college football! It officially kicked off last night, but really it doesn’t start for me until OSU kicks-off.

I’m ready to tailgate with something like this…

Watch the game from this place (we got free tickets to the suites!)…

And wear something cute like this. (well, maybe in a couple of weeks)

Let the fun begin! Go Pokes!

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Cards by Shutterfly

Well…it was a sad loss for my Cowboys last night. I really thought it would be our year. Oh well, we still had our best regular season ever and beat everyone’s expectations! Go Pokes!

Now to the real topic at hand…Christmas cards! Yes, it is that time of year again where getting the mail everyday is so fun and like Christmas morning. I love seeing who sends the cards and what kind of cards we get! We moved this year so just a little heads-up: we still want to get your cards!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ours this year will be a combination Christmas/we’ve moved card. I’m trying to find the perfect design (and perfect photo!) to use.

The photo cards are definitely my favorite. I know not everyone is a huge fan of these, but I love them! The ones with kids/dogs are always so adorable. Since we don’t have kids, we’ll try to incorporate the dogs this year. Two years ago, we used a wedding photo. Last year, I ran out of time and we didn’t get any cards sent (shame on me!). This year, I want to make sure we are ready and send out one to all of our family and friends!

Shutterfly is the perfect place to make the cards this year. They have a TON of options for us to use! Check this one out – you can write a letter, in addition to the pictures! What a great idea. I love the design of this one as well. Love that the picture isn’t broken up and the words are on the side/on top of the picture. There are so many to choose from, I’m not sure how I can pick just one!

If you’re interested in using Shutterfly, and even better – getting 50 free cards, check out this link here. They are doing a great promotion this year and I can’t wait to take advantage of it! Hope to see your cards in the mail soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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So today, our temperature forecast is only going to be in the 80’s (Woo – cold front!) and it makes me so ready for fall! I can’t wait for football, chili, sweaters and snuggling under a blanket. I love the leaves turning colors and being able to throw a jacket on or take it off but not be too hot. I sweat like a beast people so I LOVE when it gets a little bit cooler. Not saying I’m ready for winter – no, thanks – but I love it when the temps are in the 60’s and 70’s every day. My perfect forecast!

Here are some things I’m looking forward to this fall:

Wearing sweaters like this! I love this pretty sweater jacket from Anthropologie! Polished yet cozy.

Wearing jeans without sweating! Long and Lean jeans from Gap are the best fitting! They are a great price (I hate paying a lot for jeans, it makes me mad) and they always fit me so well.

OSU football, baby! I love going to Stillwater for the home games and tailgating for hours on end. We always have a blast and usually come home with some great stories. This year, we aren’t going to set up our own tailgate but instead are going to be nomads and wander around, seeing all of our friends. I can’t wait to be free instead of tied down! ๐Ÿ™‚

Those are just a few of my favorite things about fall. I have a feeling we have another month before it will really be here but hopefully this year the fall lasts longer than before. It always is great for about two weeks and then gets cold too fast. I think I need to move a little more north and east to fully enjoy the seasons. Oklahoma’s are getting shorter and shorter.

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I want this!

I. Want. This. NOW! Orange…ruffles…gorgeous! Its like it was made for me!

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