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We finally have one room completely, for real, not changing except for the decorations, finished in the house! It is the entryway, so it isn’t the largest or most exciting room, but it is finished and I love it!

Entryway UpdateThe dark picture on the left is what the entryway looked like on the day we got the keys to the house. That tile…I forgot how terrible it was! The ceiling was the same color as the walls and the moldings were ‘white.’

The much lighter and much happier picture on the right is what the room looks like today. The new wood floors and molding around the opening to the dining room definitely help but that light fixture brings it all up to date as well – isn’t it great?

Crate and Barrel Light FixtureThe Finley Small White Pendant is from Crate & Barrel and was a family affair to get it in our house. Conner’s parents gave it to me for Christmas and my dad installed it this past weekend – they both saved me a ton of money on buying this and having it installed! Even after the new paint on the ceiling, moldings and walls, this light fixture really made the entryway more modern and flow with the rest of the house much better.

Entryway After2The mirror on top of the painted buffet was a nice way to judge how low the pendant should hang. There was a ton of extra wire that we had to cut to make the light hang just right so we measured several times and hoped for the best once we hung the pendant. It worked out and is the perfect height for the room.

Entryway UpdateEach time we update a room, I’m always surprised by how little can make such a big impact. While the new wood floors are a definite plus, paint and a new light fixture were the biggest visual updates to this small area!

Now the floors in the dining room? They were a huge update and I will show you that before and after in the next couple of weeks.

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If you recognize the lyrics from that song, then you win the prize! Sorry I haven’t posted in a whole, this is what I’ve been up to…

20120620-195000.jpgJealous? Paint can, ladder, paint brush and my hallway ceiling, walls and trim…once I finish this room we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Now if only I could find my motivation to finish!

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You all were so helpful last time I needed a decision (the kitchen table) that I thought I would pick your brain again. This time, it is a wall cabinet in our hallway. It holds our extra glassware and is above a nook that used to contain a desk. There are doors on this cabinet but when I took them off to paint the hallway (and also the wood cabinetry), I started to like the open feeling so now I’m stuck. (Sorry there isn’t a picture of the real before. I’m not sure where those pictures are!)

In this nook now is a kegerator (Conner’s baby so he can have a freshly poured beer whenever he wants) and will hopefully have wine storage on either side of it someday soon. I want this area to be a wet bar/entertaining spot/butler’s pantry since we have glassware storage here and its a drinking station.

There are actually two sets of doors that go here. One for the top shelf (they are thin, small, full wooden doors) and a large set for the other three shelves (they are wooden frames with a pattern glass inside). They don’t match and the glass pattern definitely dates itself back to the 1980’s but if I decided to keep the doors, could always just use regular glass and make the top doors match. Have I lost you yet? Okay, look below to see what I’m thinking.

Love, love, love the patterned wallpaper as the back of these open shelves!! Such a statement and a great way to introduce color/pattern/texture in a different way. Since all we have is clear glass in these cabinets, I want to paint the inside no matter what to help the glasses stand out more but if we left them open it would be fun to do something like this!

This is an example of what I could do if I decided to put the doors back on (and also a space I would love to have in this house or a future one). These glass doors are much prettier than what I have but you can see the dark paint color coming through it and it makes a nice statement without being face to face with everything that is on the shelves.

Normally open shelving makes me nervous but for a small area like this with only one type of object on it, I feel like it could be a fun way to experiment with something new. I also like the thought of lightning up this hallway since it is a long one that connects several rooms so it makes me go back to keeping the doors off and using a bright and fun wallpaper in the back. In a perfect world, I could rip out the soffit and redo the whole thing with glass shelves and a wallpaper back but of course, we aren’t in a perfect world and I’m trying to make a change on the cheap.

So, what say you? Keep in mind, the hallways will be a light tan and the woodwork (crown molding, baseboards and cabinets) will all be white. If the doors stay, they will go white as well. If they stay off, you will see the white shelves with painted/wallpaper backs. Let me hear it, people! What’s your vote?

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