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The DIY gallery wall trend is huge. (Just check out all of these results on Pinterest!) I love the variations of this trend and how people are embracing the easiness of this project. I did our wall in 2011 but it needed more frames and really needed some professional mats. (I tried to cheat that part and it didn’t work – lesson learned.) Here is the updated version of our DIY gallery wall.

DIY Gallery WallIt is similar to what we had before but is now larger and more polished! I love the look of the professional mats, it makes the photos look really crisp and clean. I also updated some of the pictures and made all of them black and white – my favorite type of photo.

DIY Gallery Wall2The only picture that isn’t a photo is the Greg Burns black and white drawing of a favorite spot in OKC. Conner actually found this when he first moved to OKC and since we used to live close to this landmark, I love having it in our current house.

I also love/hate having the photo of the beach in Maui. I can’t wait to go on another beach trip but I’m not sure any will compare to our almost free trip to Hawaii!

DIY Gallery Wall3In addition to the pictures of us, I have a picture of my grandpa when he was in the Air Force and a picture of Conner’s grandma with one of my grandmas from our wedding in the Bahamas. Aren’t they cute hanging out on the beach?

I love gallery walls because that can represent any number of things about your personality so I love that ours reflects who we are and who are family is. Are you trying this trend or are you over it? I would love to see a picture of yours!

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I am loving my newest DIY project – our gallery wall! It started with collecting ideas and plans and dreams for this wall and also the desire to hide our ugly doorbell cover without paying to get a new one…

Young House Love’s gallery wall was everything I’ve always wanted and more in a wall like this. There are photographs, special memories, color and all housed in white frames with white mats! I was obsessed and determined to make this for our house.

This is the wall I wanted to tackle. It is in the hallway and faces Conner’s living room. To the left is the main living room and to the right is the kitchen. While I LOVE this picture and awesome piece of OSU memorabilia, it needed to move into the ‘man’ living room and out of the main part of the house. The brown and linen doorbell cover was totally 80’s and needed a little face lift. Conner completely agreed so it was time to go to work!

When I started this project, I knew I did not want to pay for frames that were already white and did not want them all to be the same style. It took a couple of weeks and several trips to Goodwill and other thrift stores, but this is the compilation of frames I came up with. I played with the layout and just started nailing them in. I know, the horror! I didn’t measure, I didn’t use templates taped to the wall first, I just went with it. And I LOVE it!

There was some good and bad with the collecting of frames including this little gem I found at a local thrift store. Don’t try adjusting your screen – what you see is exactly what it is. A wooden frame (that I actually really liked, which is why I splurged and paid the $2 for it) with a mirror covered with a snow scene inside of it. Yeah, I know. Who thought this was a good idea and who originally had this hanging as-is in his/her house? I would love to have a drink with that person and find out why this was a good purchase.

Here’s how the wall looks now!! Love, love, love. It gives this little area so much personality and will be so fun to change as I get bored with it.

I took the glass (and/or snowy covered mirror) out of each frame and then used several coats of white spray paint to make them all uniform. Unfortunately, several of the frames either didn’t come with glass or the piece broke while I was trying to take it out. Have no fear – a local glass shop cut me new pieces for so cheap!

I tried to use pieces of fabric and photos that have meaning to us. I love the navy fabric in the top frame and it was the first sample I got for this house so I used that and the house in the picture next to it is our first house! (I know, collective “awwwww.”)

The picture in the wood frame is so much better than the previous mirror, right? That’s our wedding day and one of my most favorite pictures from that day. The chevron pattern above it is actually a wedding shower invitation we got! I loved the pattern and the color so I held on to it. Who knew it would be so perfect in this spot?

As you can see from the wood frame, my idea to use card stock instead of having mats cut for the pictures wasn’t the best idea. The paper is bending and the photos don’t look straight anymore. I think this will be the most expensive part of the project but it will make everything look so much better and more professional. I don’t want my DIY projects to look DIY.

Here’s another quick look at our before. I still need to change the light switch plate to pure white and the walls need to be painted but if I have to paint another wall, I might scream and hiring painters is out of the question right now.

But here is the after and I don’t even notice the yellow-beige wall color anymore! I am so happy with how this turned out and can’t wait to see how we change and evolve this wall. I want to find a couple little ‘things’ to fill in two of the larger gaps between frames but I want to find quirky and fun accents to accessorize them. This was so fun for me, I’m ready to do another wall!

Have you tried out the gallery wall thing yet? I would love to see what yours looks like and how you did it!

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I am so excited because I got the patio furniture I wanted for our anniversary!!

It was so nice to sit out here after work last week and relax, relax, relax! I know that we will enjoy this furniture for years to come.

I’ve been slowly accessorizing, mostly using items we had around the house. This basket was part of a wedding gift and I’ve held on to it, never knowing exactly what to use it for. It is perfect as a table-topper/large coaster!

I got the little metal buckets in the dollar aisle at Target and filled them with sand I already had, large shells I’ve had for several years and little votive candles. I wanted something beachy and quirky. It will be the perfect little accent of light for nighttime gatherings of friends!

Here is another shot of our furniture. We’re still on the hunt for a rug. Nothing we’ve found so far is quite right with the color of the cushions. They are more minty green then blue so we’re trying to find something to offset that. The brown striped pillows came with the set. I have plans to cover them soon in a grey outdoor fabric.

The lantern came from Target and I’m in love with it! Conner’s mom gave me several of the black lanterns for Christmas and those are sitting on our front porch. I wanted a lantern for the back but wanted something a little different. Target has these right now in several sizes and it was love at first size with this one!

The outside is a distressed wicker and the inside has black wire surrounding the glass candleholder. I wasn’t sure if I should have gotten the smaller one or the even bigger one, but I think this size is perfect!

I know we will enjoy this set for a very long time. The dogs are enjoying it too – they love having a place to stretch out when they’re tired of chasing squirrels! The tables have great under storage and I know will come in handy for holding all of our extra entertaining items when friends and family come to visit.

I can’t forget patio number 2! (photo altered in Instagram on my iPhone – I love this free app!) My parents got us the orange Adirondack chairs for our anniversary! I love them and they provide the perfect look for the back of the yard. It will be so nice to have large and comfortable chairs to sit in while enjoying the fire pit. I need to get some side tables and maybe two more pillows but I love how it looks so far! Thanks mom and dad!

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