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This was my favorite dance from last year!! “The Door Dance,” as I call it at least. Definitely one I picture doing in my head. 🙂

For a repressed, pretend dancer like myself, Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” is both joy and torture wrapped up into two, two-hour shows each week! Every summer, here it comes…right on the tail of “American Idol.” I was never in dance classes (apparently I didn’t want to sweat. right.) but I love moving around and shaking it to whatever music is on the radio like I have been professionally dancing for years!

To watch the dancers on this show is simply amazing. The way the bodies of these incredible and talented individuals move…it looks so natural and so easy. I love that the show features all types of dances and makes each look as important and necessary as the next. It never fails that my husband will hear the phrase, “man, I really wish I could do that!” I just can’t help it. I do with I could do that and ALWAYS pretend like I can. I promise the dance in my head looks PHENOMENAL!!

Time to dance
Time to dance by laurasteen featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

Using SYTYCD as inspiration, I wanted to put together an outfit I would wear should I suddenly discover the talent it takes to be on the show and feature the outfit I would wear to the audition but…this dress caught my eye instead. hah. Of course Louboutins to make it pop and the earrings for a little more color, ala Cameron Diaz at the 2007 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala.

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Orange You Happy?!!

I have found a new toy – http://www.polyvore.com/!! It is so fun. You make an inspiration board for whatever you want. You can do this for an outfit, a wedding, a party or even your house! They have a ton of categories to choose from and many web sites to look up your items. It is amazing and addicting!!

As most of you know, I love all things orange (GO POKES!!) and J. Crew. I decided to do my first Polyvore board in honor of these two things – all orange items you can find at J. Crew!!

Orange You Happy?!!
Orange You Happy?!! – by laurasteen on Polyvore.com

Tonight OSU plays OU in the Big XII Tournament here in OKC. It is snowing outside (blah) and I do not feel good at all (double blah). Hopefully the Pokes pull a win out tonight and help make everything better! Two years ago when both the men’s and women’s tournaments were here, it was 75 and sunny everyday. It was so fun to go hang out on the closed streets even if you didn’t have tickets. I don’t think too many people are partying outside right now! The dogs and I are staying warm inside – hope you are too!!

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