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Currently Coveting

Today, I’m currently coveting awesome poufs from West Elm! I love their size and their patterns.

I love all of them except for the red stripe one…sorry OU fans, I just can’t with the red. 🙂 These would be awesome in our living room, especially since I need something in front of the Craigslist chair. Only problem? These bad boys are $249. No, thank you! Maybe I can DIY one instead…

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When you first hear the word, “pouf,” you may think of Snookie from Jersey Shore and her massive hair pouf. That is not what I think of anymore! I am obsessed with poufs for the house. Not only do I want one, I want one for every room in our house!

You can use them as a footrest (please click the image for source).

You can use them as a side table (please click image for source).

You can also DIY a pouf! Even on sale, these bad boys will set you back at least $150. I’m just not willing to spend that kind of cash on something like this so I’m thankful for these instructions and a mom that is willing to take on the sewing portion of this DIY project!

I am on the hunt for fabric and will soon put one of these together for our living room. If you attempt this project before I do, please let me know your secrets and tips for an easy process!

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