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So last week I told you all how I’m on the hunt for a chair and side table combo for this empty space in our living room.

While looking for those two items, I’m also on the hunt for a floor lamp for this area. It is a dark corner anyway and I know that putting something in the space will make it darker. I love lamps and have them all over the house so this is a fun hunt for me.

This one from Pottery Barn is gorgeous. I love the architectural design to it and the chippy white color. It feels like it was a piece of the house that was turned into a lamp.

This one from Horchow is so gorgeous! The circles are made out of a finished bamboo and I love the contrast of that medium against the steel. There is a silver finish on the underneath of the shade that is so gorgeous.

This one from Pottery Barn is just fun and totally functional. It could sit behind the chair but wouldn’t get stuck in the corner. I like that it comes out but at the same time worry that whoever sits in the chair would feel like they were at the salon under the heat lamp!

This last one from Restoration Hardware is just crazy! It is a 1940’s Hollywood Studio lamp. Wow! This is a definite show stopper and would be the centerpiece of any room. I’m not sure I’m ready for this jelly.

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Thank you, Restoration Hardware. I am now obsessed with this light! Oh wait, you put it on sale for $607?! Okay, just kidding. I’ll continue to admire from afar. Dang.

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