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I finally found a chair for the empty spot in our living room! I am so excited and am currently making it over to something fabulous and perfect for our house. Since there are so many pictures (and I’m not completely finished with it) I am breaking this makeover into two parts. Drum roll, please…here is Part One…

It started with this picture I found on Pinterest. I loved the shape, the color and the cane back and seat! It was cute and sophisticated and the perfect size. I knew I had to find it for our living room and started the long process of looking in thrift stores and online.

After a few weeks, I found this little gem listed on Craigslist for $50! She wasn’t the prettiest girl on the block but she has a great shape and just needed a little fluff and puff. When I talked to the seller, she agreed to give the chair to me for $35 – a steal of a deal considering the brand new chairs I really wanted started at a minimum of $250.

The back is completely caned and is perfectly intact with no rips or holes – very rare! The only problem with the chair are the double-sided upholstery buttons. I can’t get them to screw off or pop off as they’re attached to each other with wire. I’m hoping my dad’s wire cutters will work…that will definitely be part of Part Two!

The only part I’m reupholstering is the bottom seat so I turned the chair over and started by removing the black mesh layer. My hands are now bruised and bloodied from hitting the edge of the chair while removing staples but I got this off all by myself – yes, I am very proud!! I used a flat staple remover (that is meant for paper and regular staples) and it was the best tool to get under each staple and loosen them for my next step.

Once the staples were loosened, I used needle-nose pliers to pluck out each staple. This was so easy and went so much faster than the other reupholstery I have done. It will definitely be a technique to use in the future!

Side note: see that awesome glob to the left of my hand? Yup, a piece of dried gum. I found this and a quarter while taking off the bottom. I’m still trying to decide if finding the quarter outweighs the grossness of the dried gum from someone I don’t know.

I ended up ripping off most of the bottom since I wasn’t going to reattach it. I figure this will probably be an easy redo when I get bored so why make it harder than necessary for myself to recover the seat? The seat was attached to the light piece of wood so I unscrewed the two screws and was thrilled that it was that easy!

Except it wasn’t because the front of the seat didn’t budge at all! Hello Laura, there were two more screws in the front of the seat as well, how do you think it stays so sturdy? Luckily those came out pretty easily, minus the one showing that needed a little tap with a hammer to fall out.

Once the four screws were off, the seat came right off and is now ready for some new fabric that was delivered this weekend! Hopefully *fingers crossed* the upholstery buttons come off as easily as the bottom once I have the right tool and then I can finish this little project up. Stay tuned for Part Two!

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Today I am currently coveting this gorgeous orange chair from Horchow!

I love the color and pattern to the fabric and I love the style of the chair! This chair is a cool $2,200…wowzers. Since today is tax day, it looks like I am now on a thrift store hunt for a chair like this! With a little elbow grease and some nice fabric to reupholster it, I bet I could find a super cheap chair to make just as nice as this one. But a girl can dream about this one. A girl can dream…

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