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I have been searching high and low for the best deal on an Asian Garden Stool. My favorites came from Wisteria but retailed for $129. No thank you!

Last week I was at Garden Ridge (I was inspired by Sarah’s recent post and hadn’t been for a while) and found these stools! They aren’t that pretty and I wasn’t sure about the price until I saw the special red sign. “All red-lined items additional 50% off.” Talk to me!

Each stool was only $24.99! Can you believe that?! They had several other colors that weren’t on sale so I hunted on the shelf for two that were red-lined. These were definitely Asian-inspired and not my style but I knew a $3 can of spray paint would help that immediately. I grabbed two as quickly as possible and headed home one very happy girl!

Here they are, after several coats of spray paint! I am in love. Seriously, I think there is no difference between these and the ones sold for much more online. I loved the way they turned out and how easy they were to paint. I loved them so much that I went back and got another one for our bedroom – hah!

I turned the stools upside down to start painting the bottom first and realized using the paint I had on hand was a huge mistake. I had the spray paint sitting around because it wasn’t Rustoleum’s brand. That is the only brand I should ever use! It covers so well and is actually cheaper than other types. After correcting this mistake, each stool only took one coat of primer and one coat of glossy white indoor/outdoor paint.

The painted garden stools are perfect to serve as our ottoman/coffee table outside. The tables that came with the patio set have glass on top and aren’t conducive to the end-of-the-day, put-your-feet-up-and-relax style that I wanted. This is exactly what I wanted and just the right price! Run to Garden Ridge and grab your own stools before they’re gone. This is a steal of a deal!

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Beth at Home Stories from A to Z is a genius! She figured out how to get Pottery Barn coral without the PB price! I love great ideas and had to pass this one along to you all as well.

Side note – I HATE sideways pictures in blog posts and always take re-dos when this happens but my computer is acting all kinds of funky and this picture was taken as a ‘before’ that can’t be re-done. I’m sorry!

To start, go to the pet section of your local Wal-Mart…yes, that’s right, I said Wal-Mart. I very rarely go there but definitely made an exception for this! In the fish aisle, they have all of the decor for aquariums. Each of these toy pieces were $3-8 each!

I already had two different cans of white spray paint on hand and these babies definitely soaked up both cans of paint! I am thrilled with how they turned out and am so happy I saved at least $20 on each piece of ‘coral’ on our mantel.

Side note #2: The Valspar spray paint was can number two and worked MUCH better than the Krylon paint in the first picture above.

They are the perfect size to fit anywhere and helped transition my mantel from totally spring to getting ready for summer! This would be great for nightstands, bathroom counters, resting on top of a stack of books, you name it and it will be perfect!

I used the other three pieces of coral for our buffet in the dining room. I am working on this area and have many more changes, including DIY art and storage for table linens under the buffet, but this is a great start!

Aren’t they great?! I love the three different sizes and even the spindly, thin one in contrast to the thicker, chunkier pieces! This was super easy and super cheap. After finding these guys in the pet section, it was a ‘no-duh!’ type of moment but someone had to lead me to the light. I tell you, Beth is a genius!

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It is no secret that I love spray paint! It has to be the best invention in the universe.

Take these discarded, leftover vases from Valentine’s Day, anniversary and birthday flower deliveries. Just taking up space in a cabinet and never used.

I needed something to fill the top of our armoire in our bedroom so I got a can of navy spray paint. Using several light coats, I first painted the vases upside down and then turned them right side up and sprayed another two light coats of paint.

I love how perfect they are and how the plain vases became something special with just a $3 can of paint!

They tie in the navy throughout the rest of the room and it was a very cheap and simple solution to an empty space. High up spaces like this have to be the toughest to fill. Usually you collect and collect and collect – this was definitely the easiest way to get a collection quickly.

I made sure to use varying heights and shapes of vases so it keeps the look interesting and not boring. Because they are the same color, it goes together without really ‘going together.’ I love spray paint!

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I am quickly becoming obsessed with spray paint. I want to transform everything in my sight with that little magic can!

Take this blue piece I found at Ross for $2.99. Love the color of it, but with all of the other colors going on in this bookcase, I knew it would look great when it transformed to white!

Glossy white…I love you! Two coats of this bad boy and the bowl saw a huge improvement.

So much better!! (sorry, it was night when I took this ‘after’ photo) It is still a nice accent piece in this area but it isn’t competing against the other items on the lower shelves. Now it is so fresh and so clean, clean! (Outkast? Yes?)

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