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So today, our temperature forecast is only going to be in the 80’s (Woo – cold front!) and it makes me so ready for fall! I can’t wait for football, chili, sweaters and snuggling under a blanket. I love the leaves turning colors and being able to throw a jacket on or take it off but not be too hot. I sweat like a beast people so I LOVE when it gets a little bit cooler. Not saying I’m ready for winter – no, thanks – but I love it when the temps are in the 60’s and 70’s every day. My perfect forecast!

Here are some things I’m looking forward to this fall:

Wearing sweaters like this! I love this pretty sweater jacket from Anthropologie! Polished yet cozy.

Wearing jeans without sweating! Long and Lean jeans from Gap are the best fitting! They are a great price (I hate paying a lot for jeans, it makes me mad) and they always fit me so well.

OSU football, baby! I love going to Stillwater for the home games and tailgating for hours on end. We always have a blast and usually come home with some great stories. This year, we aren’t going to set up our own tailgate but instead are going to be nomads and wander around, seeing all of our friends. I can’t wait to be free instead of tied down! 🙂

Those are just a few of my favorite things about fall. I have a feeling we have another month before it will really be here but hopefully this year the fall lasts longer than before. It always is great for about two weeks and then gets cold too fast. I think I need to move a little more north and east to fully enjoy the seasons. Oklahoma’s are getting shorter and shorter.

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Taste of fall

Today is was only 62 degrees! Tomorrow it is supposed to get back up to 80 but the taste of fall on the first day of fall was amazing! I really love this outfit and am excited for the cooler weather to wear something similar!

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