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Today, I am currently coveting this beach house.

I need a vacation and this place looks like a dream come true! Ocean in the background, pool in the backyard and gorgeous house to sleep in. Yes, yes and yes! If you have a place like this and need a travel buddy, I am yours. I cook, I clean and I do laundry!

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In our next house, I really want a pool in our backyard. I grew up with a pool in the backyard and it was awesome! Seriously, it was the best thing ever to have in the summer. No more trips to the expensive water park. No more calling and begging friends to let us come over and swim – it was all ours in our own backyard! My brother and I had a blast in our pool and I would love to create that same feeling for Conner and me. I know we would use a pool all of the time and would have so many BBQ/pool parties!

Check out these awesome pool/backyard pictures that I am drooling over…

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