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Target does it again

A tip of the hat to Target! They always know what people want and bring in some really great designers. I love (almost) all of them and Nate Berkus is no exception. He stole my heart when he first appeared on Oprah and thanks to him and his first book, I’ve had a piece of coral in my house ever since.

Did you rush out to your local Target(s) yesterday for the new Nate collection? I did! I actually went to two. Clearly my part of the USA was as excited as I was, so I had to fight to get two of the things I really wanted.

This brass sea urchin was the first purchase (at the first Target). After looking through the collection online, I thought I would like the white one better. Good thing for me, the white one was not at either store. I now like the contrast of the brass against everything else that I have and usually buy…namely white and grey/silver!

This chevron ginger jar was my second purchase yesterday (at the second Target). When I got home from the first store, I kept looking online at this piece trying to decide if I was going to suck it up and pay shipping or not. I finally figured out that you can check to see which stores have a product in stock – love it, Target – so I got back in the car and went to pick this up. I’m so happy I got it and I love it on our dining room buffet…for now.

This cute tortoise-shell was at the second store and I kept picking it up and then setting it down. I picked it up one more time to finally buy it but when I looked closely, some of the paint was chipping off in the cracks so I put it down…for now. I’ll probably check out the Target closest to my office and see if theirs looks different because I’m still regretting not buying it!

These ikat link towels were almost my weakness today. I can’t stop thinking about them either so I might have to go back and pick up two for our bathroom. They come in several colors but the charcoal is my favorite!

This figurine is so random and usually not my style but I love it! It looks like a small animal head with massive curved antlers – is that what it’s supposed to be? No clue, but I love it and would love it on sitting on top of a book on Conner’s side of the bed. Neither store had this so hopefully my third store this week will prove successful!

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I have a serious obsession to trays. Decorative or functional, it doesn’t really matter – they all work for me. I really, really love the beautiful, expensive ones that are more like art than a useable object but those usually aren’t in my price range. Picking one up from TJ Maxx or Target is way more my style!

This is one from Target and is my new fave! I love the orange (of course) and the wood on the outside is perfect for fall. It also looks really great on our entryway buffet.

This tray is more functional but still pretty! It is from a restaurant supply store and has come in handy for our spray painted bar cart. I like being able to cluster items like this together and still have it look good, simply because they’re on a tray.

This is a melamine one, again from Target, and was used for serving food at a party but is now a nice added color to our bar cabinet in the kitchen. I really like how it looks under the cork mirror and next to the navy chevron lamp.

This pretty is going to look so good on our ottoman when it gets a makeover! I can’t wait to see the blue against the grey stripes of that fabric.

This tray is from Ross and was quite a find for $6.99! It sits on the table behind our sofa. I love the natural texture to it but this area has never looked quite ‘right’ to me. I think the table may need a makeover but at least Memaw’s stool is looking good!

This tray has been in many spots in our house but is currently in our bedroom. I like that it doesn’t have a front or back so you can really see the beautiful books. Don’t mind the nightstand – there is a plan for it and I can’t wait to get it done!

Last, but not least, the tray I have had the longest. This used to be black and was the first decorative item I purchased after Conner and I got married. I love it so much more now that it is white with chevron fabric and holding some of my jewelry!

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Have you heard the great news? Nate Berkus is coming to Target! This October, Nate’s home line will debut at stores and I am absolutely ecstatic! I am very sad his show is ending this year so it will be another way for Nate to live in my home this fall.

I saw this picture on Twitter and Facebook today and got even more excited. The top of this box is perfect and it will definitely find a spot in our home in October!

For the full press release about this collection, visit Target’s website here.

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Target could be one of the most fun but very dangerous places, ever! You go in for ‘just one thing’ and come out with several bags of goodies. When does the “What just happened” occur with you? When you’re checking out? When you get to the car? When you’re unloading ALL of those bags at home? I think they put Vegas-like oxygen in the air so you spend more, just like you gamble more in Vegas!

This was my latest purchase. I am obsessed! White ceramic animals are a very popular trend, horse heads especially. I always think of Lauren at Three Pink Dots when I see something like this because she is a pro at the equine trend. I think I needed more nudging though so when Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick featured this gem from Target last week? I was on it!

Isn’t he pretty? For now, he has a special place on this little side table in the main living room. I can already tell he’ll be making his rounds in the house! Similar styles are usually priced in the hundreds of dollars (like this one at Neiman Marcus) but good ol’ Target had it at $24.99! Talk to me! Conner is still getting used to him…I think it helped a little when I turned the head to the side so the horse wasn’t staring straight at him…

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Mercury Glass

I am obsessed with mercury glass and during the holiday season, the obsession steps up another notch! I got several fun little accents on sale at Pottery Barn after last Christmas but plan on doing some serious DIY mercury glass action on all sorts of glass pieces I’ve been collecting. While thinking about this in the back of my mind, I spotted this little baby at Target last week!

They are only 99 cents each and are a perfect votive size to spread throughout the house. Run to your local store – they are a great price and will mix and match with all of your other decor perfectly!

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I am so ready to entertain outdoors!! When we moved in last year, we were so busy doing projects and renovations that we missed the opportunity to host barbecues and have friends over whenever we wanted. I can’t wait to make up for that this year!

I would love to have this galvanized party bucket and stand from Pottery Barn to hold our drinks outside. The tall buckets are nice because you don’t have to bend over to get a drink if you’re in a cute sundress. Hah!

I would love to serve grilled burgers and chicken on these super cute melamine plates from Target! I am in love with navy right now and these blue and white Ikat dinnerware sets are so adorable. They are super cheap too! $9.99 for a set of four plates or bowls! This screams summer to me.

I love the blue plates because you can mix and match them with anything including these John Derian for Target appetizer plates. Adorable! You know that I love me some JD and JD for Target? At $7.98 for a set of 8!?! Well, yes! Of course I ordered a set of these. How could I resist? I love the design and the cheery yellow on the edge.

And of course I have to throw in some orange for my fake, in my head, entertaining dinner! What summer isn’t complete without a pop of your favorite color? I love this orange tray from Crate and Barrel for anything but especially love it for serving fresh mojitos in mason jars to my guests. At only $24.95 it is a heck of a price as well!

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January Tablescape

I am having the best time ever with my dining room table! I love having a place to get creative and change up the look of our home whenever I feel like it. I wanted to do something light for the start of the new year, but still cheery and happy. I combined our silver patterned china with natural textures and happy yellow.

Our table is very hard to fit for full-sized tablecloths. It is trouble since it is long but wide and also oval…trouble with a capital T that rhymes P that stands for Pool! (any “The Music Man” fans out there? Cricket, cricket…) Luckily, table runners can work with almost any size table! This one is from Target and I love the texture and color to it.

The napkin rings were wedding presents, I believe from Willimas-Sonoma. Napkin rings and salad/accent plates are two things I love to collect because you can use them in many fun ways and really help a table go from boring to festive! The yellow napkins are also from Target and have a great pattern to them without being too over-the-top. I’m loving the January tablescape!

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