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Not really…but his twin, Steve Martin, was! 🙂

I have always thought that my dad looked just like Steve Martin. Seriously, I think they are definite twins. The structure of the face, the expressions they make…so similar its scary!

Anyway, who knew Steve Martin played the banjo? Apparently the LA Times did, all the way back in January. http://articles.latimes.com/2009/jan/31/entertainment/et-martin31. Interesting. S. Martin has a blue grass banjo album…kind of want it! Looks like he teamed up with some pretty big names in this genre and I like it!

So…American Idol finale…what did you think of the show? Wow was it slam-packed with tons of celebrities and all-star performances! I love the finale just for that reason – all of the amazing performers who come to sing with the current contestants.

AND I LOVE THAT KRIS WON!!!!!!!!!!! I think he has such a fantastic voice and will do amazing as an American Idol. Conner thinks Adam will have a better career (we have a bet on a trip to Europe…that my mom is talking about taking us on, this could probably be news to my dad…that Adam will have a better career than Kris…I really hope not because I want my husband to go to Europe with me and my family in a couple years!) but I don’t know. Kris has a voice that everyone will listen to. I think Adam will do fantastic on Broadway but Kris will be better mainstream. We shall see this time next year! (When the bet ends) 🙂

All right AI – had a great season but now on to shooby-dooby-dooby-dance, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!!!! Season premiere tomorrow night on Fox. Bring it on, baby!!

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