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The Vdara

This weekend I was in Las Vegas for one of the most fun weekends of my life. Seriously, I had an absolutely amazing time hanging out with girlfriends from college and celebrating one of our friends on her last fling before the ring! (aka:her bachelorette party) We stayed in the nicest hotel that was only a year old, the Vdara in the City Center.

This is Vdara. Vdara, Cosmopolitan and Aria all make up the new City Center located on the Strip in Las Vegas. It is a fabulous complex with fabulous hotels! I love that we got to stay in such a new place and feel like fabulous, upscale ladies. There were 20 of us girls staying in three suites on the 54th and 56th floors – the penthouse, baby!

This is a Google image of the front outside. It was so cool! There is a little water feature that looks like a mini river with plush chairs and swinging benches that looks like mini beds. So posh and so Vegas!

I didn’t get a picture of our bedroom before the girls started throwing the luggage all around so here is another Google image of what a typical bedroom looks like at the Vdara. I love the floor to ceiling headboard with sconces in the sides. The nicest thing about the bedroom? Blackout shades that close with a touch of a button on the wall! I want and I definitely need this feature.

This is a picture I took of one of my most favorite spots in a hotel – the bathroom! Hotel bathrooms are always so sleek and so nice. I love the modern sinks and uber-modern faucets. The counter space was small but the sinks were large and usually doubled as a counter space as well. Oddly enough, all of the bathrooms included a scale. (See that on the floor in the left side of the picture?) I mean, really. We are on vacation!

This is my favorite feature of the hotel and the first picture I took on the trip – the outside wall that is made up of Chevron tiles!! Oh yes, it was the first thing I saw and oh yes, I was jumping for joy that I got to live here all weekend long! L O V E me some chevron. If you follow me on Pinterest, it is every other picture I pin. I can’t be sorry because I love this pattern!

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Today, I’m currently coveting a quiet place away.

A place just like this – the ocean, sand and a hammock so I can lie around, do nothing and finish reading this book.

I am only 1/3 of the way through the book and I love it! We were supposed to read this for book club…that met yesterday…but I have had very little time to read so I wasn’t finished. Whoopsies! Even though I’m not finished, I am already recommending it to friends. I love the way Rob writes and the stories he tells are incredible. I already really liked him but now I really, really like him! Pick this up when you have a chance!

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Today, I am currently coveting this beach house.

I need a vacation and this place looks like a dream come true! Ocean in the background, pool in the backyard and gorgeous house to sleep in. Yes, yes and yes! If you have a place like this and need a travel buddy, I am yours. I cook, I clean and I do laundry!

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