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Upcycling is like recycling except you use the item in a new way without tearing it apart to do so. Obviously that is the highly scientific and very specific definition! 🙂

Do you remember my wine cork mirror? I still love it and am still collecting our used wine corks! I have almost a jar full and am looking for new ideas and creative ways to reuse these corks. Thanks to Pinterest, I have some great inspiration!

This is such a cute idea!! Grab a cheap, thin wood letter from Hobby Lobby or somewhere similar then glue the wine corks on top to outline the shape of the letter. Hang and enjoy!

I loved this idea using the wine corks to make a cork board! Cork board…so obvious, right!? I know, I thought the same thing. This would be a great addition to the side of our oven/microwave wall and will help keep our invitations and announcements organized and displayed!

Do you have any great ideas for wine corks? Bring them on!

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