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I am so excited for warm spring and summer weather, especially our vacation to Hawaii! It is all that’s on my mind lately, even though we still have another four months to go.

I saw a preview for Gap’s ikat collection and I became instantly obsessed! These shorts are amazing and perfect for this year’s warm weather. I love ikat and the fact that the print is on affordable clothing makes it even more amazing.

These blue ikat chevron shorts are my must-have for this summer so now my legs have to cooperate! I am doing really well on one of my New Year’s resolutions and have kept up a good routine at the gym. This year, I will be ready for shorts as soon as the warm weather hits! Last year, it didn’t happen until the end of the summer so this year I will be ready by the beginning! If these shorts aren’t motivator enough, I’m not sure what is.

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Back in March, I posted about running a 5K. In June, I told you about the weight loss competition and my goal of keeping up with running and working out. I figured I owed you an update (since I update you on furniture makeovers, might as well update you on my body makeover!) and am so happy to report that the weight loss competition is over and I came in second place!! I lost by 0.03% weight lost but still get a little bit of the prize money, heck yes!

While some may say second place is the first loser, I say you are wrong in this case! I worked out, started eating better and lost 30 pounds. Now how is that losing? I am so happy that I’ve kept most of it off and am ready to kick another 10-15 in the face! (Side note: this may seem like a lot of weight to some of you but I promise to my body, it isn’t that much. I am 5’9″ and can pack away pounds in places you’ve never even seen! And yes, sadly, this is weight I’ve put on since we got married 3.5 years ago. I became ‘that’ girl. Tear.)

While Pinterest is an evil time-sucker, it is also a wonderful place to find home workouts, healthy recipes and amazing motivation. Beware though, for every one healthy recipe you find there are at least 15 fattening, terrible and delicious looking recipes! I’m trying to not be so weight-obsessed but definitely weight-conscious so I don’t go off the deep-end again and lose the motivation I currently have.

Another great incentive? Las Vegas with the girls in 5 weeks. Ready, go!

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This picture is so accurate, it is scary! Full disclosure: I sweat worse than three men combined. I’m serious, it is a serious problem. I am so happy I’m married. I know the guys at the gym are seriously turned off by what they see when I’m in their area!

It is all going to be worth it though when my legs look like this! Hello, inspiration!! (image of Carrie’s rockin’ bod here) I downloaded the Couch 2 10K app since I already did (well, finished) two 5Ks this year. It is nice to also have a program to keep me motivated and keep me running towards some calves and hammies like this!

I also have a bigger (and more cash-inspired) motivation: win a weight loss challenge! Some friends put it together and so until August 1, I will be working to lose more weight than the other 16 girls for admiration and cash money! It is perfect timing as my 10 year high school reunion is this summer and I’m going to Las Vegas in September for a bachelorette party.

And yes, this is totally off-topic of decorating and DIY projects but it is in writing for everyone to see so now I have to stick to my goals and as the header of the blog says, The Steen Style: We Do What We Want – hah!

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