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My Favorite Method of Curling My Hair

So this is a random beauty post but I felt like I needed to share it with the world because I FINALLY found a method for curling my hair! I have long hair but it is pretty fine and has a hard time holding curls. This post, found on Pinterest, finally helped me learn how to curl my hair. It feels weird to say that I’m almost 30 and am just now learning how to curl my hair but I have learned and I love it!

How to get curly hairThis girl is super cute and has way thicker hair than me. Mine doesn’t look exactly like this but I love the results…especially after using root boost, hair spray and letting it settle down for several hours. Like I said, my hair is thinner so I have to hold the curls longer than this girl but the same method is used and I love it! I hope this works for you – I feel like it’s changed my (hair) life!

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