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Bedroom mirror update


I am slowly but surely making progress on the oversize floor mirror for our bedroom. I’m finally in the end stage – silver leafing the wood frames. It is a pain in the patoot! I ran out of silver leaf sheets so I need to get more to finish one side and then I will be able to clean up the messy areas to show you the result!

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Slowly but surely, we have been updating our master bedroom. (still love our updated cedar chest!) We have lived here for 2.5 years and still haven’t finished it – isn’t that sad? I wanted it to be the first room that was totally complete but like most of you, we worked on the areas everyone sees first. I’m hoping that by the end of February, it will be really finished.

IMG_2285We painted the walls a dark grey when we first moved in and they still look so great. The yellow-beige moldings and tan ceiling? Not so much. This picture shows what even one coat of primer can do. Original on the left – primer on the right.

IMG_1789This picture shows the ceiling and crown moldings completely finished – wow, right? The moldings on the doorway and the baseboards still have to be painted but we should be able to finish those this weekend. This picture makes it even more apparent how not white our “white” woodwork really is!

IMG_7599Once the woodwork is finished, I am doing a project that starts with this bad boy. I can’t wait and will show you next week what it is! If you want some play-by-play this weekend, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up.

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Ceiling fans are just the absolute worst. They are the ugliest feature in a room yet in the south are so necessary. A necessary evil, if you will. The ones in our house are really heinous! Think super cheap in the bedrooms and oversized and ugly in the living room.

With the current renovations going on in the guest bedrooms, I am getting a huge itch to purchase new lights. Bedrooms are the biggest area where fans are needed so I went on a search for something not so terrible. This one from Home Depot gets as close to pretty as you can get – modern, clean and no cord in sight!

If you have purchased an attractive ceiling fan with light recently, let me know! I would love to know where you got it and if it was under $200.

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Sorry for my absence lately – we have been busy painting! Yup, more painting. We are finally working on our two spare bedrooms and making them into nice guest rooms where friends and family will actually want to stay and feel comfortable…not to mention they’ll finally be rooms we will want to look at instead of close the door on!

The room we’re currently working on is the middle bedroom, otherwise known as the second bedroom. It was purple walls and purple ceiling – so gross. (My computer is being funny so soon I will be able to hopefully show you the before of this room) We have painted the ceiling, the walls are finished…sans crown molding that my dad and I will be installing – he just found that out last night :)…and now we’re working on the molding and doors!

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So in the middle of thinking about our dining room, hallways and everything there is to paint in this house, I’m also thinking about the other million little projects I want to do. This includes a floor mirror in our bedroom that I’ve been thinking about since January of 2011. I think I’m going crazy, y’all. Seriously crazy!

This floor mirror from West Elm, specifically the white one on of the right, is sticking with me. It pops up in my mind every other day, just taunting and tormenting me with its pretty simplicity. We need a floor mirror in our house (really just in our bedroom so I can walk out the door feeling like I’m looking okay from head to toe) like whoa and this one would be so great and so easy to DIY! It retails for just under $399 and I do not want to pay anywhere near that amount.

My goal is to focus on the paint, finish that project and then move on to this…ASAP…lets see how much this motivates me to finish one project before moving on to the next. I’m sure my husband will accept bets for the under/over on this one!

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