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So today was a fun day on the Internet for me! I was featured on BuzzFeed. Say what?!

DIY Headboard on BuzzFeedThanks to a girlfriend, I was alerted that my DIY tufted headboard was featured as one of their 24 West Elm Hacks. It was a pretty cool feeling to see my headboard and my room on a site like this. Thanks for the feature, BuzzFeed!

Side note: my family doesn’t really support the word ‘hack’ but I get it. I’m knocking off something that is really expensive so I get it. I do! But then I read some of the comments on the BuzzFeed article… ouch… maybe some day we’ll get to see the houses of the people who leave mean comments, yes? ­čśë

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Moved to WordPress!

Well, this is my first post on WordPress. Everything else you see below was imported from Blogger. I am going on a whim with every click and decision I make. Hang in there with me, I promise I’ll get running and posting┬álike normal very soon!

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