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I have a serious obsession to trays. Decorative or functional, it doesn’t really matter – they all work for me. I really, really love the beautiful, expensive ones that are more like art than a useable object but those usually aren’t in my price range. Picking one up from TJ Maxx or Target is way more my style!

This is one from Target and is my new fave! I love the orange (of course) and the wood on the outside is perfect for fall. It also looks really great on our entryway buffet.

This tray is more functional but still pretty! It is from a restaurant supply store and has come in handy for our spray painted bar cart. I like being able to cluster items like this together and still have it look good, simply because they’re on a tray.

This is a melamine one, again from Target, and was used for serving food at a party but is now a nice added color to our bar cabinet in the kitchen. I really like how it looks under the cork mirror and next to the navy chevron lamp.

This pretty is going to look so good on our ottoman when it gets a makeover! I can’t wait to see the blue against the grey stripes of that fabric.

This tray is from Ross and was quite a find for $6.99! It sits on the table behind our sofa. I love the natural texture to it but this area has never looked quite ‘right’ to me. I think the table may need a makeover but at least Memaw’s stool is looking good!

This tray has been in many spots in our house but is currently in our bedroom. I like that it doesn’t have a front or back so you can really see the beautiful books. Don’t mind the nightstand – there is a plan for it and I can’t wait to get it done!

Last, but not least, the tray I have had the longest. This used to be black and was the first decorative item I purchased after Conner and I got married. I love it so much more now that it is white with chevron fabric and holding some of my jewelry!


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When I saw that Sarah Jessica Parker was selling her home in New York for a mere $25 million, I had to check it out. Of course I want to see the residence that Carrie Bradshaw built! I love creeping around homes – of people I know and people I don’t – so take a little tour with me…

I love the stairs! The neutral runner is perfect. I’m not sold on the huge carpet at the bottom, I wish you saw more of the wood floors, but I love the stairs – perfection!

She lost me in the kitchen. Love the stainless appliances. LOVE the huge marble slab that is the fireplace surround. Not a fan of the two-toned island. I can deal with the super dark wood cabinets, they aren’t my first choice, but at least they aren’t black. I think this room is too “New York” for me.

If there was a TV in this room, I would spend all of my time here! I love the sleek couch and the books…oh, the books. Reading is my thing – nerd alert – and I would read for hours in here. That skylight is also really fabulous.

This patio garden is perfect. I would eat every Sunday brunch on this patio. I bet it is so quiet (as quiet as an outdoor space in NYC can be) and the perfect place to enjoy after-dinner drinks with friends.

The apartment is five stories and the whole fourth floor is dedicated to the master. A whole floor – just for your bedroom, bathroom and closet!! I can’t even imagine.

So…who’s writing the check? Will you invite me over for drinks?

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Design Star

I’m a little behind this year and am finally starting to watch Design Star, season 7, on HGTV. I know everyone loves the white room challenge but my favorite is seeing how they decorate the house they will live in on the first episode. Some of the rooms this year were amazing and perfect. There were a couple of duds though and it always surprises me when that happens – aren’t you supposed to be a fantastic designer? I’m going to blame it on stage fright.

This room is so pretty and so elegant! Love the white couches and the large furniture to make the room feel more cozy.

That white molding nailed into a cool pattern on the wall is gorgeous! Love the blue underneath it and the covered ottoman. I’ve seen a lot of the faux canopy action but it is not my thing. I really like everything else in the room though!

I love one side of this room and hate the other! The glossy white moose head on the black background is awesome but I am so anti-little TVs. I grew up with a ton of televisions in our house and one this size would have been for the breakfast nook, not the living room!

This is supposed to be the creative studio. There is no way I could be creative in this room – what…a nightmare!

This room was my favorite! Blue and white with pops of yellow plus the chevron – yes, please.

All pictures are from the show’s page on the HGTV website.

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I would love to introduce a new designer to you today. Well, she’s probably new to you but I’ve known her for years! She was one of my pledge sisters at OSU and is now a big-time interior designer in Charleston. Her website just launched and I love the projects she has featured.

Karoline is one of the nicest people I have ever met and is a very hard worker. I loved her style in college and now love the style she shows through her home designs!

This is the first picture you see on her website.The eclectic mix of books inside the fireplace is awesome. Perfect for a book lover! This is the second time I’ve seen a collection of National Geographic used in such a perfect way. Is it weird that I’m now so sad that my grandpa’s collection was thrown away years ago? I would love to imitate this look. Who would have thought those would be something to hang on to?

A picture-perfect bedroom with a very cool seagrass headboard – I love it! Matching lamps with mis-matching side tables is something I always love in a room, Karoline gets is just right with these.

Check out this bold dining space! I love the color on the walls and the dark table. Blues and greens are intertwined throughout our house but I have yet to mix two bold versions like this. I might have to try it now!

This is my absolute favorite. I am a sucker for a large, calming bathroom and this one does not disappoint! The tub, the chandelier and the two sinks…oh, I can’t wait until we have two sinks in our bathroom!

Be sure to check out Karoline’s site for yourself and also like her page on Facebook!

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