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It is a very happy time in Oklahoma City! The Thunder is headed to its first-ever NBA Finals and the town is pumped. There is blue and orange everywhere you look and I love it. Blue and orange, orange and blue…it is a great combination that isn’t just in OKC. Check out these great pictures of blue and orange in home and fashion.

Gorgeous! The blue maxi dress and orange Marc Jacobs clutch are perfect.

Pattern overload! If you love to mix and match your patterns then this is the room for you. I like how they used different tones of the same color – colors in a room don’t have to be matchy-matchy!

Very cool display! The blue Ball glasses are so pretty.

This is a room I could definitely live in. Clean and crisp with perfect pops of orange!

Thunder Up, friends!

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Happy Toes

I love playing with color on my toenails when it gets warm outside. There are few things more enjoyable than seeing a bright color popping out of my sandals! My standard summer color is OPI Cajun Shrimp but lately I’ve been changing it up and having some fun.

20120604-220929.jpgI love this color from Essie called Turquoise and Caicos. Adorable! It isn’t for the meek or mild but is perfect for warm weather and makes for happy toes!

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Two Story Closet

I just saw this on Pinterest and had to post it. This closet is nothing short of fabulous! Can you even imagine having a closet that is two stories tall? Two stories! In a CLOSET! If you have something like this, can you either invite me over or send me pictures so I can drool over your gorgeous space?

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