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Bar Cabinet Update

Remember this post about needing help with our bar cabinet? Well, we’ve come a long way since then! The walls are painted, the moldings are freshly white and the cabinet itself has gotten some paint and a fun update inside! We still need pulls (those have been ordered) but everything else is finished and it looks great! So much better and brighter for this small space. I’ll do a full recap post once the pulls are in but I wanted to show you something funny…

This was the first picture I took. I thought after my one photography class I was doing better so I started with this. Normally, I would have thought that this was fine and just done some editing on my computer. It was after work and the light was coming in weird from the windows, pretty hard to get good light since this is a hallway, so I had the overhead light on. But I remembered Emily’s recent photography post that said no lamps and no overhead lights in photos…so I kept trying settings to see if maybe my camera could do more work for me instead of the computer…

This was several attempts later. SO much better, right? I didn’t edit either of those photos, just resized them for the blog. Both photos were using the same ISO and f-stop but for this photo, I lowered the shutter speed way down so more natural light would come in. Crazy, right? I turned off all of the lights so this was just from the sunlight coming in from the window in the next room. Obviously there are bad shadows, etc but it is a huge improvement over the first photo!

If you’re a serious photographer you probably think I’m still missing some things besides just the shadows, which I know I am, but I think I’m coming along. I’m taking a photography course at our church for the next several months so I’m excited to learn even more and make my photos even better. I don’t like seeing bad photos on other people’s sites so why would I do that to myself?

Here’s one quick little (unedited photo) peek inside the cabinet – new paint and fabric lined back walls! We love it. Conner did the painting and I did the fabric in the only way I know how – at 9 p.m. the night before people were coming over. Procrastination at its finest!

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Remember last week how I needed your help and vote for my hallway cabinet that is full of our glassware? I found the perfect solution! Thank you to everyone who responded, I really appreciate your input. It is nice to hear someone else’s opinion besides my husband’s and mine!

Look at what Linda from Burlap + Blue did to her cabinet! That is foam board she simply painted using a stencil – shut up! Absolutely brilliant. It is a great pop of color and pattern and I love that she has glass doors in front to protect her things and keep them neat. I will definitely use her post as inspiration for our cabinet. Thanks, Linda!

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You all were so helpful last time I needed a decision (the kitchen table) that I thought I would pick your brain again. This time, it is a wall cabinet in our hallway. It holds our extra glassware and is above a nook that used to contain a desk. There are doors on this cabinet but when I took them off to paint the hallway (and also the wood cabinetry), I started to like the open feeling so now I’m stuck. (Sorry there isn’t a picture of the real before. I’m not sure where those pictures are!)

In this nook now is a kegerator (Conner’s baby so he can have a freshly poured beer whenever he wants) and will hopefully have wine storage on either side of it someday soon. I want this area to be a wet bar/entertaining spot/butler’s pantry since we have glassware storage here and its a drinking station.

There are actually two sets of doors that go here. One for the top shelf (they are thin, small, full wooden doors) and a large set for the other three shelves (they are wooden frames with a pattern glass inside). They don’t match and the glass pattern definitely dates itself back to the 1980’s but if I decided to keep the doors, could always just use regular glass and make the top doors match. Have I lost you yet? Okay, look below to see what I’m thinking.

Love, love, love the patterned wallpaper as the back of these open shelves!! Such a statement and a great way to introduce color/pattern/texture in a different way. Since all we have is clear glass in these cabinets, I want to paint the inside no matter what to help the glasses stand out more but if we left them open it would be fun to do something like this!

This is an example of what I could do if I decided to put the doors back on (and also a space I would love to have in this house or a future one). These glass doors are much prettier than what I have but you can see the dark paint color coming through it and it makes a nice statement without being face to face with everything that is on the shelves.

Normally open shelving makes me nervous but for a small area like this with only one type of object on it, I feel like it could be a fun way to experiment with something new. I also like the thought of lightning up this hallway since it is a long one that connects several rooms so it makes me go back to keeping the doors off and using a bright and fun wallpaper in the back. In a perfect world, I could rip out the soffit and redo the whole thing with glass shelves and a wallpaper back but of course, we aren’t in a perfect world and I’m trying to make a change on the cheap.

So, what say you? Keep in mind, the hallways will be a light tan and the woodwork (crown molding, baseboards and cabinets) will all be white. If the doors stay, they will go white as well. If they stay off, you will see the white shelves with painted/wallpaper backs. Let me hear it, people! What’s your vote?

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Sorry for the delay in updates but I have been too busy painting! It is hard to find time to balance working, working on the house and then posting about it. If only I could win that $450 million lottery…wouldn’t that be nice? Back to reality – the dining room is soooo close to being finished and I am so happy with how it is all looking!

The crown molding in the dining room is finished and it looks awesome!! I’m so proud of my dad and me. We can both cross this DIY project off of our bucket list…and never do it again. Hah! It was a great learning experience though and we really do work well together so it went pretty smoothly. (not to toot my own horn but growing up, when my dad did projects around the house, I was usually asked to be his helper…toot! Toot!) The corners are not easy so beware of this project. NOT easy at all. I will have a full recap and post on that very soon for you!

Here are the supplies I’ve been working with ever since my last update. I finished the last coat of grey on the walls and have moved on to the baseboards, casings and crown molding. Kilz, Valspar Glossy White, a cut-in tool, painter’s tape and a brush have been my BFF all week-long. Using the cut-in tool is actually a lot easier and moves way faster than I originally thought so that is a huge plus! There have only been two tiny little ‘oopsies’ that were easily cleaned up with a towel and q-tip.

It is so crazy to me how ‘white’ we thought the original molding was. Hello yellow-dingy-beige! Wow, what a difference one coat of primer makes, as shown on the right of the picture. I am very close to finishing all of the wood trim and will be back (hopefully Friday!) to update you with a finished, painted dining room. I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…

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I’m back with another update on paint! I’m sure you’re sick of these but it is fun for me to document our progress. Hopefully soon I can do some more fun posts about easier projects (for me and you!).

It was touch and go with me vs. our dining room ceiling this week but I won! I used two coats of primer and one coat of Behr ceiling paint to get the whole area really covered well. I was determined not to have to do two coats of regular paint so that one coat was very slow-going and very thick. I think just the one coat of final paint took me two hours? VERY slow-going and VERY deserving of the glass of wine I enjoyed afterwards!

Tonight I finally got all of the grey paint cut-in around the moldings and window…it was clearly more enjoyable since I could watch March Madness while I worked. I was going to also roll out a coat of paint but I realized I am all out of sponge rollers. Such a shame, I’ll have to wait another day. Hah, yeah right! I’m now enjoying a glass of wine for my productive two hours tonight. See a common theme here? I like to reward myself.

My goal is to get another coat of paint rolled out tomorrow because on Saturday morning, my parents will be here bright and early to help us install these bad boys! I am so excited to have crown molding in our dining room. It is one of only three rooms in our house without it and I know this final touch with be the (wait for it…wait for it…) crowning jewel! Yup, massive groan from the audience for that corny joke but I just had to.

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Well, after another change I think I may really have the FINAL before and after of our fireplace!

Here is the true before. This was taken on the day we closed on our house – June 25, 2010. The baseboards that were two different colors, the pinky beige walls, the black outlets, the wood (oh, so much wood), the brass fireplace insert and the dirty red brick.

This was our first after. (sorry for the glare…my photography skills, yeah…) I was so excited when this all happened!! But then I realized I wasn’t completely satisfied. I wanted a pop and some more color in the bookcases to really make it all come together. I keep seeing deep and dark colors in bookcases and I love the look! I was ready to copy and imitate my favorites.

Painted FireplaceHere is our newest after and I’m in love! I painted the back of the bookcases the same color as our bedroom. (Grey Area by Behr) I tried painting it one color darker than our living room on the paint strip but it wasn’t really dark enough. I had some leftover from our bedroom, and it was perfect!

Painted back of cabinetThe contrast between the white sides and the dark grey back was exactly what I was after and was so fast – it only took me about 20 minutes per side, including the time to tape off the white part. I had books in our bookcases (I know, so weird) but didn’t like how crazy the colors were compared to the neutral and calm room I was after.

I got a canvas drop cloth from Wal-Mart (Only $7) and cut it up to cover the books. I finally remembered how I used to cover my books in school – remember doing that? After several tries, I remembered too! Once they were all covered, it looked so much better and more like I wanted. Since most of our focus in this area is either on the TV or fireplace, I wanted everything else to be calm and neutral.

Distressed MantelThe mantel is still one of my favorite parts of the fireplace. The old mantel was way too high and not bulky enough to support the visual weight our TV would have. Our contractor built a huge box and attached it (after he knocked off the old mantel) to the wall. I took a hammer and beat up the wood then stained it with several coats of dark wood stain. I sealed it with a little wax and love the result!

Here is one more look at the true, real before…

Painted FireplaceAnd our new after! I’m thrilled with how easy and cheap this project was. It still startles me when I walk in and see the dark shelves. It makes me so happy with the decision to change this up!

The best part of this whole project? Conner’s reaction. He wasn’t a huge fan when I started painting. When he saw how fast it was going though, he started to come around. When I took off the tape and put the shelves back together, I got to hear my favorite three words of all time: “You were right.” Hah! Victory was mine, people. Victory was mine.

For a quick refresher and what exactly happened in the previous months to this area, here are our the older posts on this fireplace:

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