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One of the funniest things about Pinterest is that the longer you stay on, the more you see some of the same images come around and around. This picture is one of those but one that takes my breath away every time I see it.

The cascading flowers are unbelievable and unreal! If I walked into a room with a table like this, I’m not sure I could do much else besides gawk and gush. The white tablecloth, candles and ghost chairs are pretty fabulous as well but those flowers. Man, that is how you do a floral arrangement!

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Are you ready America? Because we are ready to party for you! I love the summer, especially the patriotism of it. If I was hosting a party to celebrate our nation, here are a few of the details I would include.

I would fill an apothecary jar with beans to make a cute display of red, white and blue in the simplest form.

I would drink patriotic sangria…

Out of adorable mason jars with red, white and blue striped straws! The twine bow is a very cute touch to these.

And finally I would enjoy some ice cream with fruit on it but probably not before it dripped all over my hand because it is already so stinking hot.

I hope you enjoy your holiday next week. Be safe and stay cool!

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Party on, Wayne

Monday is my birthday and even though we aren’t having a party or fancy celebration, birthdays just get me excited and thinking about parties! Next year will be a big one (turning the big 3-0! dun. dun. dunnnnnn.) and I’m torn between throwing a fabulous party or taking a trip. These pictures get me super excited for a party.
If I have a party, I want it to be under a tent like this. So awesome! The black and white stripes make such a dramatic ‘ceiling’ when you’re outside.

Mini tacos and mini tequila bottles would be the perfect starter! Oprah made everyone take a shot of tequila when enterting her 50th birthday party so why couldn’t I do that at my 30th?

This app might be the most brilliant app yet! Instead of using disposable cameras at a party/wedding, you upload your pictures to the party folder on the app. Then the party-thrower can have access to all of the fun party pics that were taken during the night! Love this.

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